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  1. Mudshark achieves full diversity from buckfriend, then self-deletes
  2. Nominations for 2019's Coalburner of the Year
  3. Good news, Nigger kills his coal and his spawn :).
  4. Dead Burner Downunder
  5. Nigger shoots his shark fatally during argument
  6. Nigger plays baseball with his ex burner's head, leaves dead body in the woods
  7. Nominations for 2020's Coalburner of the Year
  8. Oil Drilling US Capitol Cop tops himself in shame over bedding and wedding a she boon
  9. Coalburner pics
  10. Jamaal capped his online date burner Jessica and her dad for saying he had a 'pumpkin head' LOL
  11. It took 14 years to catch this nigger who killed his mudshark
  12. Kivi found at the scene of the crime with smoking gun in hand after capping Shelby and their sproglet!
  13. Coalburner found via iPhone app after nigger put her body in trunk
  14. Nigger Buck Uses Tinder to Trap old White Guy to Rob & Kill him
  15. burning model found dead in Germany
  16. "Former model" pals around with snakehead nigger trucker, gets horribly diversified
  17. Nigger Self Deletes after Taking Out His Pregnant Bitch. But Morons Save the Turdler
  18. Nigger caps his burner after forcing other female into freezer at gunpoint
  19. Teenaper LaVonte 'accidentally' shoots his 17 year old burner Kelsey in the head
  20. Sandshark and sproglet mixed baby offed by sandnigger daddy in South Africa
  21. UK nigger creature murders its burner with crowbar
  22. Another mudshark chopped up
  23. Pretty blue eyed burner learned the hard way not to date niggers
  24. Every mudshark eventually gets eaten
  25. Pregnant Kelsie coalburner's remains still not found after niggerjocker Donthe gets N.U. scholarship for her murder
  26. Marisela does Dallas: leaves a bar with at least one nigger, and gets diversified
  27. Old news: worst mud shark in the world. helping a murder monkey get out of jail scott free.
  28. Dateline on Mackenzie Lueck, our Coalburner of the Year 2019
  29. Here's why you don't fornicate with niggers....
  30. BLM-Loving Massachimpsetts 'Burner Batwinged At Beach By Babydaddy
  31. Burning with acid after burning coal
  32. If at first you don't succeed, try again: nigger strangles and then finally shoots his burner
  33. Dismembered sandmonkey Fahim sewed back together by funeral home after Tyrese butchers him
  34. Yet another burner get diversified
  35. Mud shark / Oil Driller Deadpool.
  36. Nigger boxer avoids dat chile support in the usual way
  37. Brenleigh the burner 'could light up a room' until she got lit up by her mystery meat mixaloid nigger ex
  38. Nigger caps his Latina exburner Amanda Broderick, her daughter and her new pet monkey
  39. Nigger Derek Tyrone caps his burner and absconds with her 15 year old daughter
  40. North Carolina woman learned her lesson, the hard way
  41. Missing coalburner found dead and wrapped in a sheet under her pet monkey's bed
  42. Mudshark's pet ape kills her three year old human son by bathtub full of scalding hot water
  43. Filthy Texas Coal-burner and Teenaper Sprog Made Real Good
  44. Old nigger buck beats his young mud shark to death. Unfortunately they leave nigglets.
  45. Mudshark's estranged Monkey returns! Batwings one of her niglets and serves her & himself a hot lead sandwich.
  46. mud shark missing, nigger boyfriend arrested.
  47. Another One Bites The Dust
  48. Atravius' thick nigger skull prevents his own 9mm self batwinging after shooting his burner 7x
  49. Badly aging burner & her mom receive vibrant multi-cultural enrichment from her mystery meat spigger
  50. Vitalina shot in restaurant she worked at by her negroid jocker
  51. Man Killed Pregnant Girlfriend, Burned Her Body With Friend's Help, Police Say
  52. Nignog who coalburned his GF, caught after 4 months on the run
  53. And yet another burner is diversified
  54. Nigger's assault charge upgraded to murder after his burner dies post rough sex chimp out
  55. Coaling burning whore gets killed from her nigger dates.
  56. Does Anyone Remember...?
  57. Ft Hood Army nigger's new Army coalburner helps him dismember & dispose of Army ex coalburner
  58. Antonio done capped his pregnant Hispanic burner
  59. America just got decapitated by her buck
  60. A little silly observation I have noticed about mudsharks
  61. Nigger Pimp Kills Its White Hoe in NYC then leaves Body In Barrel out in the NJ Suburbs
  62. Non-profit springs fat ol' buck from NU. Mere hours later, it pummels its mudshark to deff
  63. Unable to dismember his burner, Marcus wraps her in plastic and drags her to a creek
  64. Joana shot in the face by her nigger while her sproglet sat in her lap
  65. Hannah Miller shot to death and left on the side of the road by snakehead jocker
  66. Kia Riley- another nigger, another burner, another shooting- you know the routine
  67. Jennifer's friends find her body on her couch where pet nigger ape strangled her
  68. Lamont wrangled, gets 31 1/2 years for deleting second mudshark
  69. Nigger-loving whore capped by pig-faced Fat Albert buck
  70. Lot's of dead Coalburners and Mudsharks for September 2021