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  1. Woke Capital or State Power?
  2. Facebook Apologizes After A.I. Puts ‘Primates’ Label on Video of Black Men
  3. Diversity or Science: You Can’t Have Both
  4. Texas NAACP, Students File Federal Civil Rights Complaint over UT-Austin’s ‘Eyes of Texas’
  5. BLM Crowd Sing and Cheer as Richmond’s Robert E. Lee Monument Is Removed After 131 Years and Cut In Half
  6. Two ‘Hero’ Men Attacked and Left Unconscious After Trying ‘to Stop Two Girls Being Raped’ in Street
  7. Taking the Fun Out of Being ‘Progressive’
  8. Verified Hate: Expiration Date Edition
  9. Virginia’s Woke 2021 Time Capsule: Box Filled with BLM Stickers, Pride Badges, COVID Vaccine Vial and Photos from Protests
  10. NFL Returns Social Justice Helmet Decals, End Zone Stencils
  11. Lowell Got Rid of Competitive Admissions. New Data Shows How That’s Impacted the School’s Diversity
  12. Silicon Valley Investor Dismissed Racism, Called BLM “The True Racists”
  13. American Express Engages in ‘Reverse Discrimination’ Against White People, Current and Former Employees Say
  14. Queen Supports Black Lives Matter Movement, Says Royal Representative
  15. The Lee Statue and the Rebellion to Come
  16. National Archives Adds ‘Harmful Language Alert’ to America’s Founding Documents
  17. Indian vs. Black: Vigilante Killings Upend a South African Town
  18. First Black Woman Crowned Miss Ireland in History-Making Win
  19. Multicultural Hell Comes to America
  20. Since 9/11, US Muslims Have Gained Unprecedented Political, Cultural Influence
  21. How a More Diverse Population Will Change America
  22. School Policing Falls Hardest on Black Students and Those with Disabilities, Study Shows
  23. Why is There Inequality?
  24. U.S. Approval of Interracial Marriage at New High of 94%
  25. George W. Bush Likens the Terrorists Who Attacked on 9/11 to Today’s ‘Violent Extremists at Home’
  26. Is California Post-Democratic?
  27. Who and What Is Tearing the US Apart?
  28. WATCH: BREAKING NEWS Out Of FLORIDA And LOOK What THIS Black TRASH Did To Sleeping Child
  29. Art Celebrating Roanoke’s Diversity Is Replacing City Hall Portraits of Former Mayors
  30. Verified Hate: Biting the White Hand
  31. After Floyd’s Killing, Minneapolis Police Retreated
  32. Lawsuit Claims Hip-Hop Artist Afrika Bambaataa Sexually Abused and Prostituted 12-Year-Old Boy
  33. White Supremacy, With a Tan
  34. Lawsuit: Farm Hired White Immigrants Over Black US Laborers
  35. A Generation of American Men Give Up on College
  36. Teacher Faces Calls to Be Fired for Claiming on Video That Telling Kids to Sit Still Is ‘White Supremacy’
  37. Stop and Search Should Not Be Targeted ‘Equally’, Says Senior Met Police Officer
  38. Does the US Have Political Prisoners?
  39. Racial Inequities Cost U.S. Economy Trillions, Researchers Find
  40. How to Reconcile Egalitarianism with Genetic Reality
  41. White Women Talk About Race
  42. The Cost of Affirmative Action
  43. The Rise in Black Unemployment Is About More Than Race
  44. Hollywood Says Its Antiracism Push Is Not a ‘Fad.’ Is the Industry Keeping Its Promises?
  45. The Moral Panic About Eugenics Poses a Threat to Abortion Rights
  46. BREAKING: Thousands Of Blacks, Whites, Latinos, LGBT, Libs And Conservatives UNITE To Protest THIS- Democrats FREAKING OUT (VIDEOS)
  47. North Carolina Judges Block Voter ID Law
  48. Brutal Killing of a Woman and Her Dog in an Atlanta Park Reignites the Debate Over City’s Growing Crime Problem
  49. Black Gunshot Victims Up 89% During Racial Reckoning
  50. Women Filmed ‘Attacking NYC Restaurant Hostess After She Questioned Their Vaccination Cards’ Say They Were Racially Profiled
  51. Black Students Demand Expulsion of White Peer Who Said N-Word in Viral Video
  52. #EmmysSoWhite: No Actors of Color Win Despite Record Nominee Lineup
  53. U.S. to Probe Incidents Involving Border Agents on Horseback Dispersing Haitians
  54. California Court Overturns Murder Convictions, Cites Racism
  55. St. Louis Couple Who Waved Guns at BLM Protesters Face Suspension of Their Law Licenses
  56. You Can Mess With Texas but Not With Blacks
  57. Milwaukee Faces Historic Violence
  58. Universities Say They Want More Diverse Faculties. So Why Is Academia Still so White?
  59. Virginia Capital Unveils Monument Marking End of Slavery After Removing Confederate Statue
  60. Maxine Waters: Treatment of Haitian Migrants Worse Than Slavery
  61. Black Lives Matter of Greater New York Leader Blasts Vaccine Mandates as Racist
  62. The Destructive Legacy of the Great Society
  63. U.S. Funds Project to Boost Racial, Ethnic, Gender Diversity in Science at Private Women’s College
  64. Biden Speaks at Conference Filled With Anti-White, Anti-Police Rhetoric
  65. Yes, the NFL’s Taunting Penalty Is Racist
  66. After Monday’s Vote, the Federal Conservative Caucus Will Be 95 Percent White
  67. Evolution Goes into Reverse
  68. The Horsey Set Goes Woke
  69. AmRen Poll: White Americans Waking Up on Race
  70. How Racial Anxiety Conquered an Orchestra and Crushed a Career
  71. India’s Anti-Immigrant Crackdown Has Torn Apart Families and Locked Up Hundreds
  72. New York City Taught Me Race Realism
  73. GRAPHIC: THUG Executes Father: Shoots Him 5 Times In Back Of Head- LOOK At How Long He’s Heading To PRISON
  74. My Battle Against Multiculturalism
  75. The U.S. Is More Racially Diverse Than Ever. Will People of Color Unify Politically?
  76. Why Some Black Americans Are Leaving the U.S. To Reclaim Their “Destiny” in Ghana
  77. Sorority Suspended ‘Indefinitely’ After Racist Presentation on Black Football Players
  78. COVID-19 Death Rates: Whites Get the Blame
  79. Former Police Officer Derek Chauvin to Appeal Conviction for Killing George Floyd
  80. ASU Students Harassed at Multicultural Center over Being White
  81. The Media Ignore Black Murder Victims Because They Don’t Want to Highlight Black Perpetrators
  82. No More White Saviours, Thanks
  83. Yet Another School Introduces Race-Based Housing
  84. Watch As 3 Hate Filled Thugs, SCREAM THIS At Cops While Dragging And Stepping All Over Old Glory
  85. FBI: Murders Up 4,901 in 2020, Black Share of Known Murder Offenders Reaches Record 56.5%
  86. White Woman Accused of Telling Black Couple to ‘Stay in Their Hood’ Is Fired
  87. Black Man Arrested for ‘N-Word’ Graffiti, Swastikas at Emory University
  88. Alabama Statues Honor Slaves Subject to Experimental Surgery
  89. When a White-Majority Neighborhood Wants to Divorce Its Black City
  90. ‘I’m Dysregulated. Please Love on Me.’
  91. North Carolina Soldier Was Ready To Deploy… Then “BlackLives” THUG Snuck Up From Behind
  92. ‘Border Patrol Are Leftover Racist White Men,’ Says Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson
  93. The Marines Reluctantly Let a Sikh Officer Wear a Turban. He Says It’s Not Enough.
  94. [WATCH] RACIST Black Lives Matter Muslim Supporter, Will Smith, Says CRT Should Be Called THIS- UNREAL!!!
  95. The Year of ‘Black Lives Matter’?
  96. Matt James Says He ‘100 Percent’ Felt Pressure to Pick a Black Woman on the Bachelor
  97. Bill Cosby Says R. Kelly Got ‘Railroaded’ With Guilty Verdict
  98. Broadway’s ‘Slave Play’ Holding Performances for ‘Black-Identifying’ Audiences Only
  99. My Militant Sister Campaigns Against Intermarriage. I Am Engaged to a Gentile. Here’s How We Remain Family.
  100. Shifting Alliances: Black, Red, and White
  101. Racist Graffiti That Led to Walkouts Was Made by Nonwhite Student, Missouri School District Says
  102. MacArthur Foundation Announces 2021 ‘Genius’ Grant Winners
  103. ‘All-Purpose White Fear’
  104. West Bromwich Albion Fan Jailed for Eight Weeks for Racially Abusing Footballer Romaine Sawyers on Facebook
  105. WATCH As Over 1000 SNOWFLAKE Students Protest Racist Anti-Black Graffiti Sprayed All Over School- There’s Just One MAJOR Problem!
  106. [VIDEO] Violent Gang Storms Philly Restaurant And Does THIS, Here’s Why The Media’s SILENT…
  107. Yes I’m Proud to Be White — Here’s Why
  108. White family stalked, pummeled by black thugs! Msm silent!!!!
  109. Fighting Back Against Your Liberal College
  110. Temple University and Philadelphia’s Black Ghetto
  111. The Unbearable Whiteness of the Democratic Party…and America
  112. North Carolina Prisons Rename Locales Over Racist Histories
  113. NYC Thug Arrested 57 Times This Year- NYPD Commissioner Calls ‘Bail Reform’ Law “INSANITY!”
  114. Black Judge Gives BLACK THUGS Light Sentence Because 3-Year-Old White Victim is “RACIST…”
  115. Black Woman Accused of Pretending to Be White KKK Member to Terrorize Neighbors
  116. Report: Too Many White People Studying Racial Disparities in Health Care
  117. Professor Suspended for Rebuffing Request to Give Black Students Easier Final Exam Sues UCLA
  118. Black History Month Website Deletes Article Calling White People ‘Genetically Defective Mutants’
  119. Black Americans Protest Against Vaccine Mandates in NYC
  120. OUTRAGEOUS! Black History Month Website Says White People Are ‘Genetically Defective Descendants of Albino Mutants’
  121. OUTRAGEOUS! Teacher ORDERED To Remove PRO-POLICE Flag- Allows BLACK LIVES MATTER And LGBT Flags To Remain
  122. The Censor Cometh. Boy, Do He Ever
  123. Tesla Ordered to Pay $137 Million Over Racism in Rare Verdict
  124. Gabby Petito Deserves Justice, but ‘Missing White Girl Syndrome’ Hurts Us All
  125. ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ Unwatchable! Predictable. Boring. Left Wing…
  126. Woman ‘Steals SUV With 5 Kids Inside’ After Driver Stopped to Help Her in Crash
  127. Violent Crime Spikes Among Arabs in Israel as Officials Admit Neglect
  128. German Pop Singer Calls for Beethoven’s Body to Be Exhumed for a Racial DNA Test
  129. Second Thoughts About That FBI Report of a 40% Spike in Anti-Black Hate Crime
  130. Miami Beach Efforts to Tone Down South Beach Party Scene Are Racist, Critics Say
  131. ‘Big Brother’ Star Tiffany Mitchell Says It’s Not Her Job to Explain to Fans Why Her All-Black Alliance Wasn’t Racist
  132. Half-Million Excess U.S. Deaths in 2020 Hit Minorities Worse
  133. North Carolina Cops Find Unexpected Culprit Behind Racist Frat Invite
  134. Ozy Shows That Serious Black Media Needs a New Business Model
  135. Family Insists Texas School Shooter Was Bullied for Being Rich Before He Shot Teacher in Back and Bully Seven Times
  136. Lovely Warren to Resign by Dec. 1 as Part of Plea Deal Over All Criminal Charges She Faces
  137. Alabama Capital Strips Confederate President’s Name Off Road
  138. Arlington School Shooter Parties at Home With Family After Being Freed on $75k Bond
  139. ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ and the Great Replacement
  140. De Blasio to Phase Out N.Y.C. Gifted and Talented Program
  141. Carmine’s Hostess Denies Using Racial Slur During Vax Mandate Attack
  142. Jason Whitlock Attacks Obama, Tells Tucker Carlson Former President ‘Rejects the White Side of His Family’
  143. The Humiliation of Trent Lott
  144. Jon Gruden Used Racial Trope to Describe NFLPA Chief DeMaurice Smith in 2011 Email
  145. Black Privilege: School Shooter Released on Just $75k Bond Thanks to the Color of His Skin
  146. Following Blackface Incident, Professor Bright Sheng Takes Step Back From Teaching SMTD Composition Course
  147. An American Son
  148. A French Look at America
  149. California Becomes First State to Require Ethnic Studies for High School Graduation
  150. What Really Happened at Charlottesville, Part I
  151. Facebook’s Secret Blacklist of “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations”
  152. White marine vet in coma after being beaten by black mob!
  153. Actress Geena Davis, NBCUniversal to Use ‘Bias’ Technology to Examine Black Representation
  154. Former Slave to BLM: ‘Slavery Still Exists in Africa Today’
  155. Hate Crime Hoaxes: The Harm Done Is All Too Real
  156. A Sea of White Faces in Australia’s ‘Party of Multiculturalism’
  158. Rolling Stones Are Forced to Cancel ‘Brown Sugar’ Over Slavery Lyrics
  159. Verified Hate: Twitter Never Fails Us
  160. A Year After ‘Defund,’ Police Departments Get Their Money Back
  161. Studies Show That White People Drive Anti-Asian Hate. So Why Are the ‘Solutions’ Targeting Brown People?
  162. Lord of the Rings TV Show Actor Says It Will Be Multicultural
  163. Oxford College Installs Plaque Calling Cecil Rhodes a ‘Committed Colonialist’
  164. Black Americans Incarcerated at Nearly Five Times Rate of White Americans
  165. What Really Happened at Charlottesville, Part II
  166. More Deaths Than Ever
  167. BREAKING News Out Of TEXAS- THUG Does The UNTHINKABLE But He Will Never Be Able To Do THIS Again
  168. From White Adversary to White Advocate
  169. The Hate Speech Double Standard
  170. 2020 Census May Have Massively Undercounted Black Population
  171. Lawsuit Filed in Florida Over a Mural Showing City’s First Black Female Firefighter Depicted With a White Face
  172. Arbery Murder Trial Starts on Monday
  173. U.S. Kids Can’t Read, Write or Do Math, but Are No. 1 in Critical Race Theory
  174. When ‘Whistleblowers’ Are Censors
  175. Philly Has Become the First Big City to Ban Minor Traffic Stops
  176. When It Comes to Ideas About Race, the Biggest Gap Isn’t Between Whites and Non-Whites
  177. What I Owe My Son on Race
  178. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Wins in Admissions-Discrimination Suit
  179. Alex Scott Tearful as She Finds Out Ancestor Owned 26 Slaves
  180. Google Quietly Tweaks Image Search for Racially Diverse Results
  181. Local Secession Is the Moderate Solution
  182. Door by Door, a Push to Rename Confederate Streets for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor
  183. Meghan Markle’s Royal Racism Allegations Used in School’s White Privilege Lessons
  184. Phil Collins’ Battle of the Alamo
  185. BREAKING: Biden To ORDER Teachers To Teach THIS In Schools- Pull Your Kids Out NOW!
  186. 2021 AmRen Conference: Come Join the Living
  187. M.I.T.’s Choice of Lecturer Ignited Criticism. So Did Its Decision to Cancel.
  188. Convulsions at Yale Law School
  189. Forget Her Murderer. Who Was Sharma Ruth Johnson?
  190. Black Students in Georgia Were Suspended for Planning a Protest After White Students Waved a Confederate Flag
  191. Adored Now for What He Was Once Hated
  192. When Cops Kill
  193. Ahmaud Arbery Murder Trial Could Collapse
  194. Condoleezza Rice Denounces Critical Race Theory
  195. Chicago Is Blighted by Shoplifting
  196. As Some Black Staff Members Leave Congress, Those Who Remain Call for Change
  197. My Bronx Tale
  198. What Stands in the Way for Minority College Students Trying to Graduate?
  199. Debut of Huey Newton Bust Spotlights an Influential Figure
  200. The Problem With the Term ‘Asian American’
  201. Buffalo Might Elect a Mayor Who Thinks Police Came from Slave Patrols
  202. BREAKING: Democrats Let CONVICTED BLACK THUG MURDERER LOOSE- Immediately Gets BUSTED Committing Another Murder In THIS State
  203. Prospects for Our People: Jared Taylor’s Talk at the 2004 AmRen Conference
  204. Biden Says ‘White Supremacy’ Drove Trump’s Jan. 6 Rioters
  205. Would-Be Jurors in Ahmaud Arbery Murder Trial Say They Are Worried They Will Be Identified
  206. Philadelphia Students ‘Scared to Go to School’ as Gun Violence Escalates
  207. Scientists Built an AI to Give Ethical Advice, But It Turned Out Super Racist
  208. Remove a Confederate Statue? A Tennessee City Did This Instead.
  209. Watch Jim Jordan Shred Racist Black Dem, Val Demings, In Shouting Match On Police Reform- It’s Beyond EPIC
  210. Bedtime Goes Woke as Books Like ‘Antiracist Baby’, ‘Daddy & Dada’ and ‘A Is for Activist’ Are Dominating the Shelves
  211. Facebook’s Internal Chat Boards Show Politics Often at Center of Decision Making
  212. Kyrie Irving and Dave Chappelle Are Being Used as Black ‘Pawns’ on a White Chessboard
  213. Grant Napear’s Life Matters
  214. Can Skeletons Have a Racial Identity?
  215. Chicago Poised to Create One of the Nation’s Largest ‘Guaranteed Basic Income’ Programs
  216. White Male Marketing VP at North Carolina Hospital Wins $10million ‘Reverse Discrimination’ Payout
  217. Traffic Fatalities Up 150% in St. Louis Since Ferguson
  218. My Daughter Is Taking Equity Advocacy in a Really Weird—and Bad—Direction
  219. Arkansas GOP Disavows Congressional Candidate and AmRen Author
  220. “I Hate WHITE People”- Racist Black Thug Tries To Murder WHITE Woman By Throwing Her Into Oncoming Traffic… What Judge Does Next Is INFURIATING
  221. A Pre-Med Letter of Resignation, With (Self) Love & Liberation
  222. New Orleans Tourism Ad Didn’t Reflect Demographics of City, Prompting Apology and Removal
  223. Diversity Study: TV Looks More Like Us and Viewers Approve
  224. Virginia Promotes Book Telling Teachers to Embrace CRT
  225. Verified Hate: Taking Out the MFers
  226. Christians win big lawsuit against muslim thugs in dearborn, michigan! (video)
  227. Who Decides What Kids Should Be Taught?
  228. Black THUG Opens Fire On Police Officers In THIS State Then Everyone Sees What’s Wrong With His Legs
  229. HATE CRIME: ‘You White Bi*ch:!’ Filthy Black THUGS Beat The Hell Out Of White Disabled Army Veteran After She Does THIS!
  230. As Confederate Statues Fall, Build Monuments to Black Heroes at Risk of Being Forgotten
  231. Major DC Conservation Group Will Omit Racist “Audubon” From Its Name
  232. De Kock Apologises for Not Taking a Knee
  233. ‘Estimates Look Bad but Reality Will Be Far Worse’
  234. Do They Really Think We’re This Stupid?
  235. Thug Who Googled ‘How to Kill a Baby’ Then Fed a Newborn Girl Prescription Drugs Is Jailed for 25 Years
  236. Why Artificial Intelligence Is Always ‘Racist’
  237. Working in Law Enforcement Taught Me Race Realism
  238. WATCH As Black Thugs Go “FULL GHETTO” And Trash The HELL Out Of Chick-fil-A
  239. Racism, Schmacism
  240. AT&T Tells White Staff They Are Racist, Asks Them to Confess Their ‘White Privilege’
  241. WATCH As 9-Year-Old Patriot Gets PISSED OFF And DEMANDS School Board RIP DOWN All BLM Terrorist Posters Out Of Her School!
  242. Pandemic Boosts Demand for Exorcisms as People Fall Prey to ‘Malign Forces’ and Poverty
  243. ‘Parents’ Rights’ Is Code for White Race Politics
  244. Colin Kaepernick Is Slammed for Comparing NFL to Slavery in New Netflix Doc
  245. Thug Plows Over Dead Warriors’ Memorial Site, Has THIS Sick Reply To Cops
  246. McAuliffe Laments Number of White Teachers Ahead of Va. Governor Vote
  247. NAACP Urges Pro Athletes Not to Sign With Texas Teams Over Voting and Abortion Laws
  248. The Collapse of Three Cities
  249. Black THUG Sucker Punches Homeless White Man, Finds Out Who He’s Messing With [VID]
  250. ALERT: Black Leader Calls For Nation Of Islam, Black Panthers To Use “Deadly Force” Against WHITES…