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  1. One day....
  2. Sow can't find shoes big enough to cover its hooves
  3. This is What Happens When You Rent to Niggers
  4. My block has been Gentrified two years after I moved in.
  5. How I could have died during Combat training
  6. What does a nigger do when you need help?
  7. A over the phone coontact
  8. The apprentice
  9. Ghetto Lobster boiling in a Buick
  10. Dead Nigger In My Way In Chinatown
  11. Nigger almost got flattened by a fire truck right in front of me
  12. Nigger brushing its teeth while standing at a urinal
  13. Blue Hair SJW- my theory
  14. I never knew my doctor was also a veterinarian
  15. Stumpy the wonder sow shopping at walmart
  16. God damn it!!! There should have been batwings!!!
  17. Tales From the Likka Sto', Ch:1 The Holland Tunnel Muff
  18. Got knocked out by a nigger today
  19. The first coontact today was the most vile muh poosie ever attempted on me
  20. The Ice Cream Man
  21. Convenience store nigger employees
  22. The VERY last Thing I would Ever Expect
  23. Nigger casing jewelry store
  24. Hello my name is NIGGER
  25. Vile nigger beasts and niggerlover cashier at the dollar store
  26. So tired of seeing these little half breed mutant niglets
  27. I saws young sow walking a dog with a plastics shit bag in its paw.
  28. Someone's post about a snakehead nigger gave me a short but horrible dream
  29. Nigger had a question, I gave it a answer
  30. The dumbest customer I've ever had
  31. I guess I'm rich now
  32. Just painted someone's nigger
  33. Nigger in Apple store tries to sell me a computer i don't want.
  34. I almost got killed by a coalburner on the road yesterday!
  35. Our beach is polluted .
  36. Sow on its way to clown school
  37. Burners pet Buck parks its hooptie in my neighbors yard
  38. Stories of my youth and my nigger filled school days
  39. Why anytime it's a nigger taking your order, don't even bother
  40. Fing nigger, I have a large no solicitation sign.
  41. I officially hate my parents
  42. New local Popeyes reviews are in:
  43. White guy had a huge waterbug stuck to his shirt
  44. A nigger named Dio
  45. Some nigger on my block is playing loud music on his car.
  46. My car got broken into apparently.
  47. Something you've never wished for until it applies to a nigger..
  48. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking..
  49. Nigger wearing Christmas tree colors
  50. White guilt is sickening.
  51. Niggers, phones and phishing scams
  52. Nigger collecting carts at Kroger leaves them in back of my car
  53. I almost made niggers chimpout sooooooo close!!!
  54. Temps are in the 90s, and a sow said "Ahz be freezin!"
  55. Shitshow at the Merrimack River boat launch in Lowell Mass, guess who?..
  56. Had a confrontation with a very ugly sow at work.
  57. We have to love nigger parenting skills
  58. I hope what happens in Vegas stays there!!
  59. He Dindu Nuffins, or is that Dunder Mifflin?
  60. My reformed wigger friend
  61. Nigger Flight Attendant
  62. I have wants out for me!
  63. The time i met a big time celebrity nigger
  64. Cute little niglet at Kroger offered me a lollipop
  65. A powder blue hooptie with different sized wagon wheels on the front and back
  66. Niggers had to ruin an otherwise uneventful line at the post office
  67. Grandpappy bought himself a slave
  68. Wutchu fiddin' on doing, mista?
  69. Some father failed!
  70. Witnessed a nigger road rage incident today
  71. Oil-driller and she-nig at the grocery store
  72. Texas fuel crisis causes a chimpout.
  73. Scammers accuse "Mary" of sending spam emails
  74. Nigger Cookies
  75. Ass Eater got fired
  76. Fining niggers are having a party next to my house. They dont' even live here.
  77. 10 more mins for a sheboon mailman to figure it out.
  78. How much I hate the Nigger catholic church next to my house.
  79. Stuck in a traffic jam for half an hour because....
  80. Wherefore I humbly throw myself upon the mercy of the Plantation..
  81. "Wha kinda Harley dat?"
  82. This niglet was wandering alone outside the supermarket entrance, not another nigger in sight
  83. Niggers are cowards
  84. One of the news stories just reminded me of my own funny adventure about coalburners.
  85. Ebola Nigger passed out at the eye doctor this morning
  86. Halloween party
  87. How much bad luck did we have that a drive home turned into multiple coontacts?
  88. The first thing I saw tuning into a soccer game was a nigger faking an injury
  89. Another nigger in our ER today
  90. I was just yelled at by a nigger in the ER
  91. Little Niglets Learn From Granny
  92. Nigger in my ER today threatens lawsuit at my hospital
  93. So a sheboon wanted my parking space
  94. Buck mingling around parking lot harrasing people, i yell at it to BACK OFF.
  95. Ain't nobody paying to feed my kids.
  96. We are well beyond the tipping point now
  97. Never, NEVER trust a nigger
  98. My first live exposure to the nigger- What does a 4 year old know?
  99. A Tale of Two Jigga-Fruits
  100. It's Bad When...
  101. I was carrying somthing and I didn't want a nigger to hold the door .
  102. Our Own "Radio" X2
  103. I keep seeing this one armed nigger around town
  104. Two niglets throw down on each other in the middle of Kroger
  105. Stinky nigger at work covering his stench with skunk perfume
  106. Ghana rape nigger at my former job
  107. Niggers with shiney bald heads.
  108. Even the Mongolian grill isn't safe.
  109. Yet another nigger pan handler.
  110. Can I habs dat wen youz dun?
  111. Niggers at the thrift store.
  112. I have a bad case of nigger fatigue .
  113. A cuck, a buck, and a bicycle.
  114. Post office, supermarket, liquor store. Fuxated, fuxated, fuxated.
  115. Coalburning cousin shows up for Christmas...liberal family fawns over halfbreed kids...
  116. I made the liberal guys at the coffee stop hangout leave this morning .
  117. A BetaCuck, A Coalburner, Some Snow, And a 2000's Model Dodge Durango.
  118. Another nigger at the grocery store with a smell that knocks you down
  119. A nigger hit my moms car
  120. Andre dont work at de chiggun plant no more
  121. The Gas Meter Fairy Visited Me Today.
  122. Someone just tried to give me a crusty old crippled nigger in a wheelchair.
  123. Brotha Don't Know What Hit Him
  124. Anchorage Niggers
  125. Actually heard a burner say this at a pub
  126. ER Niggershines Part 1: Ricardo and the sugarfoot [NSFL]
  127. Dumb niggeress blocking the road
  128. Ol' Nigger Ed
  129. USPS keeps bringing me niggers! And I don't like it!!!!
  130. Facespook friend request from what initially seemed to be a Latina
  131. Employee at the Nike store was another real life "Buck or sow?"
  132. Are you worshipping hate humans month?
  133. Bearded muzziespook in a white bath robe wants to rent an RV today..
  134. Niggers at Kings 'Kangz' Island or other amusement parks
  135. How do these morons even breath! Very piss
  136. Touring USS North Carolina Today!
  137. Another nigger delivery driver messes it up for humans where Mrs. S works
  138. Co-worker loses cell phone, nigger answers it.
  139. Ah highly recommend diz dhoctha
  140. Another doctha, Walmart
  141. Happy to oblige the polite policeman.
  142. Nextdoor App
  143. And i started to think that maybe we are wrong about niggers......
  144. Ever Tried to Speak With FedEx Customer Service?
  145. Major nigger confrontation today
  146. Took a shit on some niggers in Sears today
  147. Nigger damn near destroyed my porch
  148. Yesterday at the Homedepot. One lazy ass worker pretending to work. I gave it work.
  149. How many niggers does it take to change a light bulb?
  150. Easton, PA
  151. 2018 Indy 500 kickoff week
  152. Was kind to nigger, it kicked my car
  153. Hit and Run Nigger
  154. Incontinent Battle Sow on Airplane.
  155. Universal Knowledge About Niggers
  156. Shiftless nigger keeps showing me porn at work
  157. Just told a nigger to STFU. Very satisfying.
  158. Old human men are the best
  159. It always breaks my heart to see a fully white child toted around by a nigger
  160. Three nigger sows knock on my door
  161. Little Niglets Likes Dem Some BBQ
  162. A mutt named Brandon...
  163. Well, Fuck.
  164. Barbecue Be Raycis.....an shit.
  165. Mammy Snaps on Niglet.
  166. What Happens When a Nigger asks Kraken for a Smoke
  167. I wish I could just run their asses over!
  168. Nigger and wigger flagmen had to make rush hour worse
  169. Nigger geniuses load a door unit in a pickup.
  170. A buck nigger on rollerskates? Now i have seen it all.
  171. Sand niglet in a 'sand box'
  172. impolite niglets
  173. Sheboon got cussed out by two bikers today
  174. My Cousin is Sick of Niggers
  175. Affirmative action sow tells me there's no such thing as military time
  176. Hit the trifecta at the grocery store: a mudshark, an oildriller and nigger, and a bonus of sand niggers
  177. New Castle Co Delaware is an irredemablely fuxated shithole.
  178. Half-breed screen background at work
  179. Did the nigger leave a tip? Did he want to dox me? And will he cry rayciss anyway?..
  180. Nigger at the BMV wanting a ID
  181. Oil drilling tower at IKEA
  182. The shit kids say
  183. Nigger Murders Human in My Town
  184. Sheboon parked her car in the drive through lane at Arbys then went inside
  185. Buy a Tesla get a niglet for free
  186. A nigger ruined my supper.
  187. At the fish market.
  188. My friend fired a nigger over the phone
  189. Something blew out of Fred Sanfords truck today and hit my car
  190. I finally crossed over: I totally refuse to go with a nigger cashier
  191. Some folks become irate with me
  192. Sheboon Shanice
  193. Doctor recommends great doktah
  194. I went out of my way to a whiter grocery store and still ran into mudsharks and an oildriller
  195. When You Can't Afford Accessories, Say It With Krylon
  196. 10 year old nigger needs a job!
  197. Store selling Wakanda Forever T-shirts
  198. Doctor appointment today-guess what the nurse was?
  199. Niggers finally moved out from across the street and left with a bang.
  200. Extremely smelly nigger in the elevator
  201. One of my tenants roommates is a nigger
  202. Preparation H
  203. Loud Obnoxious Mudshark At The Doctors Office
  204. Uncle Horace
  205. How self-loathing must a YT be to put up with abuse from its sow?
  206. Wheel bearings are racist..
  207. Niggers are born liars.
  208. You gonna back into muh car!!!!
  209. Panhandling nigger with a bluetooth and a Bible!
  210. I Had To Grit My Teeth And Be Cordial To A Nigger, AARRGGGHH
  211. My daily visit at the nigger exhibit
  212. Had an opportunity to show Mrs. S what "niggest" means
  213. Nigger wearing a hoodie and a winter cap
  214. Spent a hour at the local Childrens Hospital
  215. Riding da Bus
  216. Sleepy Groid At The Cable Co
  217. Adonis
  218. This is the billionth time the nigger mail person put my mail on my stairs.
  219. Wakandan scores a double.
  220. I think I pissed off a buck on the drive home
  221. I think it was a nigger ....
  222. I saw a little KANG skipping school today
  223. Overheard an oildriller threatened by its she-rilla
  224. Nigger help refused
  225. Nigger nursing student picked the wrong YT to mess with.....
  226. I just want to smell it I'm not going to taste it!
  227. Twofer. Congo line to DNS and shopping cart nigger plays frogger -- head on.
  228. What was the point of this dindu wheeling a bicycle along?
  229. God Damn Fucking Gas Station Niggers
  230. Sunday was a fine day....
  231. Nice company....until I saw 'diversity'
  232. Can a nigger mess up a sandwich?
  233. Niggers posted advertisements for some nigger event all over my neighborhood
  234. Amber alert again?
  235. Grandpa be gwine home, an shit.
  236. Just got a nigger fired. It feels good!
  237. Two Sheboons One Mobility Scooter
  238. Time to diversify the work place
  239. BiketoberFest Cell Phone Charger Returns, Only Niggers Would Pull Such Shit
  240. So I stop in to AutoZone this afternoon...
  241. Haunted House Niggers
  242. niggers attack kid for TRUMP t-shirt
  243. Nigger doctor takes a piss and doesn't wash his paws
  244. T-Mobile support, human
  245. Want to make a succesful shopping mall go out of business?
  246. So sick of niggers making everything about THEM
  247. Oil Change... niggers in the waiting room...
  248. Watch out for niglets trick or treating tonight
  249. I finally got a sow in trouble for shoplifting!!!
  250. Nigger at the post office with a middle finger tattooed on his arm